We have some fabulous choir members who help out in all sorts of ways from playing the piano to copying song lyrics as well as baking cakes and running stalls for events.

In addition, we have a management team of volunteers who are responsible for the day to day running of the choir and are dedicated to making the choir the best it can be. 


They are:

Choir Leader - Rev. Hazel Charlton

The setting up of the choir was my brainchild and I have the overall responsibility for making sure this wonderful organisation meets the needs of the members and the local community. 

I am passionate about bringing the community together and having fun.


I believe that if you like to sing, then sing, even if you don't think you can or your family says you can't, as singing is good for the soul!

Conductor - Andie Chapman

My role is to make the music happen!   

Each month when the new songs are chosen, it's my job to arrange the music and harmonies and I then lead the singing sessions, teaching the new songs and helping the choir perfect the old ones


I love coaching and supporting the choir to bring out their best performance and achieve things they never thought possible.

Music Manager - Natalie South

My job is to manage the song choice process and support the Conductor in sourcing song lyrics and music. 

I deal with member queries about the music and songs and make sure that everyone knows what we are covering each week.  

I am available to take queries before each choir session and I also write the choir blog.

Administrator - Emma Shepherd

My role is to organise the practical elements of running the choir so that the members can just focus on singing and having fun. 


I get involved in everything from logistics, to managing the website, to developing processes that keep us working as smoothly as possible.

I am available to take queries after each choir session and am always open to hearing new ideas about ways we can improve the choir experience!

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The Team